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Bh23115 Brown Boho Shabby Chic shoulder bag

Body made from recycled Black n white furnishing fabric, front has applique vee shape on suede brown vee insert panel piece back has a pocket made from faux leather with bird embroidery,  lining brown recycled fabrics  with 1 pocket and magnetic closure, leather tassels 

28 x 31 x 132cm strap or 11 x 12 x 52" 

Brown Leather Shoulder Bag

SKU: BH23114
  • Bags should be treated with care

    Bag trims will shed over time this adds to the BOHO shabby chic look

    Staining occurs I recommend you hand wash only, lightly dip in a bucket of cold water can soak for a few minutes, squeeze gently to remove excess water, hand wring out and hang to dry thoroughly I don’t recommend a dryer   

  •  Boho or Festival bags are made of cotton or cotton blends with poly trim and or embellishments of metal, lace yarn, beads, feathers, cording, curtains, old jewelry and ribbon sourced from recycled and new suppliers. Double stitched for strength,

    note that some are made of polyester fabrics this is noted in description

    While every effort has been made to secure these into bags, please note that some shedding will occur with use; this is normal wear and tear

     And you can also add items to these bags for a personal look like rings, jewels, bag tags etc

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